SuperTRUMP makes modeling and pricing sophisticated leases and loans simple. It's ideal for modeling domestic, international and cross-border transactions, concurrent full-term and early-buyout optimizations and lease and loan portfolios. With consistent pricing and performance metrics across your organization, you’ll streamline business processes and structure more profitable deals.

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline your workflow with integrated pricing of leases and loans in Salesforce.
SuperTRUMP for Web is the industry leading modeling and pricing cloud solution for complex, after-tax leases and loans.
Model equipment leases and loans quickly and accurately with SuperTRUMP, the industry-leading tool for pre-tax and after-tax pricing for over 35 years.



SuperTRUMP Portfolio Intelligence is an advanced analysis and pricing tool built specifically for the analytical needs of the equipment finance industry. Powered by Ivory’s SuperTRUMP calculation engine, SuperTRUMP Portfolio Intelligence allows you to quickly and accurately create specified portfolios for syndication or securitization, analyze your profitability while taking into account taxes, and change variables and assumptions to run “what if” analysis.

SuperTRUMP Portfolio Intelligence provides insights and business intelligence about equipment lease and loan portfolios.



For companies looking to standardize their pricing practices and simplify their IT infrastructure, a SuperTRUMP Server is the ideal solution to enhance your existing systems and integrate with your existing technology stack. With experience integrating SuperTRUMP into global systems for some of the world’s leading equipment finance companies, the Ivory Consulting team has the know-how and experience to make a complete SuperTRUMP implementation fast and painless for your IT team.

SuperTRUMP Server is a fully integrated pricing solution to help organizations accurately price equipment leases and loans.
SuperTRUMP Oracle Lease and Finance Management (OLFM) Server gives you the SuperTRUMP accounting engine inside OLFM.