Independent equipment finance companies need reliable, easy-to-use capabilities to quickly respond to a variety of customer needs and capitalize on revenue opportunities.

Ivory Consulting works with leading independent equipment finance companies to implement sophisticated modeling and pricing solutions tailored to their needs.

As the industry, SuperTRUMP gives independent equipment finance companies a streamlined solution to improve business processes and structure profitable deals.

SuperTRUMP offers flexible solutions for funding, timing, fees, and yield calculations for any size and type of independent finance company.

Structuring for higher risk deals
When modeling high risk deals, parameters such as security deposits, advance rents, structured, or seasonal rents often need to be accounted for to protect against the deal defaulting. Additionally, integrating methods into organizational best practices such as collateral curve modeling can optimize the profitability of a given transaction. For decades, independent equipment finance companies have relied on SuperTRUMP to simplify modeling and pricing of sophisticated high risk deals.

Vendor programs
Many independent equipment finance companies incorporate vendor programs as a major component of their sales and marketing strategies. Maintaining and developing those vendor relationships is an important element in achieving year-over-year sustainable growth. Ivory Consulting has helped top Monitor 100 independent equipment finance companies develop vendor program best practices by streamlining business processes and bringing consistent pricing and performance metrics across the organization.

Best practices
Smart business decisions result when best practices are adopted. After more than 30 years of serving the equipment finance industry, we have developed a deep understanding of best practices. We bring those to you throughout our product suite, our customization and consulting services, our comprehensive customer service, and our training programs. 

The SuperTRUMP product suite – Web, Desktop, and Salesforce – all use the same calculation engine and database for accurate, consistent, and efficient results. This single source of truth reduces pricing redundancy, resulting in lower costs and improved accuracy, and because your data is always up-to-date, everyone prices with confidence and provides responsive customer service.

The product suite is designed to accommodate a range of deal types so you can efficiently price leases and loans with single or multiple assets, delayed funding, and varying depreciation methodologies.